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T-33 Flight

In 1956, the T-33 was a frontline aircraft for the RCAF and the discovery of a wing from a T-Bird that crashed in 1956 prompted a search for videos on the venerable aircraft that was […]


COPA Convention Under Way

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is holding its annual convention and trade show in Saint John, New Brunswick through Saturday. Hundreds of delegates are attending the event at the local convention centre in downtown […]


TCCA Polling Pilots On Safety

Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) inspectors will be fanning out at GA airports across the country starting “imminently” to take the pulse of general aviation safety. The unfortunately named “targeted inspections” will take the form […]


Bearhawk Canada Opens

A Saskatchewan man will head up Bearhawk Canada as the Texas planemaker expands its sales network for the popular bush plane. Mike Silvernagle will use a private air strip in Saskatchewan as headquarters for Bearhawk […]