Beavers in Australia

A Canadian pilot flying a Canadian aircraft was among the victims of a New Year’s Eve crash on the Hawkesbury River in Australia. Gareth Morgan flew for Sydney Seaplanes on flights like this one.

Snowbirds 2017

Match Productions has been producing a “best of” video of the Snowbirds seasons for a few years now and the 2017 season was truly spectacular. 15 minutes of magic.

Beech 18 on Floats

It’s one of photographer and author Rick Hulina’s favourite aircraft and we understand completely. Here’s the unusual combination at work for Northwest Flying Inc. in Nestor Falls, Ontario.

With the Fraser Blues

Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame stalwart John Chalmers has shot a lot of video for the institution but he did this one on a Nov. 11 hop with the Fraser Blues formation team.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Some of the most challenging flying in the world is done in the name of a higher power and Mission Aviation Fellowship is one of the largest operators of humanitarian flights. This video gives a good idea of the conditions.

Aviation History In Pictures

Bombardier is making history with its aircraft but it took some time to pay homage to those who paved the way with perseverance and foresight with this nice little pictorial history of Canadian aviation.

MAX Takeoff

It’s unlikely your next WestJet flight will start like this but Boeing is fond of showing what it can do with its new designs, like this Boeing 737 MAX at the Farnborough Air Show last year. WestJet just took delivery of its first MAX 800.

Aussies Love Their Hornets

It seems like the Australians will have mixed feelings about trading their F/A-18 Hornets for F-35s based on this video tribute to their fighters. Canada could end up with some of the jets that star in the video.

A380 Super Mayday Audio

The cool-as-a-cucumber Air France captain and an unflappable Nav Canada controller arrange the unscheduled arrival of an Air France A380 in Goose Bay last Sunday.

Jazz Training

Pilots are in big demand by all airlines and Jazz has created this video to give new recruits an idea of what to expect.

Two-Seat Conversion

A Spitfire that was flown by Canadian pilots in the Second World War has been converted to a two-seat version and is now giving Spitfire experiences in England. Canadian Aviator is planning a full feature on the aircraft in a coming issue.

Super Hornet Demo

Boeing never fails to show off its Super Hornet in Canada when given the opportunity. Here it is at Abbotsford a few weeks ago.

What Was That Noise?

A Bombardier CL-415 is expected to be back in service in France in a few weeks after its left wing struck a mast on a barge on the Rhone River last weekend. The mast was cut cleanly in two in the mishap which occured while the French government aircraft took off with a load of water to drop on a fire in southern France. It’s a cringeworthy moment.

Widgeon Cross Country

The Grumman Widgeon had a new home in B.C. and someone had to get it there. Why not shoot a video along the way?

Gathering of the Classics

The annual Gathering of the Classics at Edenvale Aerodrome happens this weekend and it’s become one of the big events in Ontario. Here’s what it looked like last year thanks to Andy Kaknevicuius.

Drone Rules Relaxed

While drones are portrayed as a dangerous nuisance most of the time, they can do some truly remarkable things in a safe and responsible manner. New rules for drones seem to acknowledge that and are much less restrictive, allowing beautiful work like this.

AirVenture Highlights

If you’ve ever wondered what the fuss is all about, EAA produces these nice daily updates from the greatest aviation show on earth. It should be on every pilot’s bucket list.

Audio From Air Canada Mistake

An A320 lined up to land on a taxiway at San Francisco International Airport earlier this week but it all worked out. The mainstream media thought otherwise but you can judge for yourself how close to “disaster” this was.

McLeod On The Rise

Red Bull Air Race pilot came second at the race in Budapest last week and is interviewed in this Red Bull video.

Base and Final For Kelowna

The weather is great this weekend for a flight to Kelowna for the COPA convention and here’s what it will look like if you’re landing from the south.