Soggy Gatineau Air Show

In finest show biz tradition, the show did go on for Aero150 in Gatineau April 30 but Nature showed why it was too early to stage an air show in that part of the world.

Co-Star of Gatineau Show

While all the attention is on the performance by the Patrouille de France and Snowbirds at Aero 150 in Gatineau on Sunday, the A400M is the winner in the supporting role category. The French troupe couldn’t have completed its North American tour without the massive cargo plane.

Transcontinental Autogyro

David Sigier flew a total of 36 hours and more than 3,000 miles to deliver a Calidus autogyro from the Airport-Gyro office in St. Apollinaire, Quebec to Haines Junction, Yukon earlier this month.

CF-18 Demonstration Hornet

The RCAF officially unveiled the striking design for the CF-18 demo plane a few days ago. The 4 Wing imaging team took the video.

2017 Women Of Aviation

Glacier Air, of Squamish, B.C., put together a nice video on their Women of Aviation Worldwide event on March 11. Despite the wet coast weather, it was a great day.

Biplanes To France

Seven replica biplanes are in France being readied for a tribute flight over the Vimy Memorial and they got there in an RCAF C-17. The aircraft will be back in Canada in May for a cross-Canada flight to educate Canadians about the importance of Vimy.

Vimy Flight Promo

Seven replica biplanes are in France to recreate history in April. Sound Venture Productions has been chronicling the massive Vimy Flight effort.

F-35 Progress

A lot of the bad things people were saying about the F-35 have been muted and there are some singing its praises as the flight test program continues at Edwards Air Force Base. The video is a lot of hype but there are some cool images and it does show the capabilities of the plane.

All About the Arrow

Last Monday was the 58th anniversary of Black Friday, the day the Avro Arrow program was cancelled. Carve out an hour and watch this documentary on the aircraft and the politics that killed it.

Air Force Flight Training

This nice video gives a glimpse of the kind of flying student pilots in the RCAF undergo at Moose Jaw.

Canso Engine Start

In late December, volunteers with the Fairview Aircraft Restoration Society got both Pratt & Whitney 1830 Wasp engines running. The airplane will fly this summer.

Ready For Another Season

Red Bull Air Race pilot Pete McLeod is sponsored by Garmin VIRB cameras to there is naturally a lot of good video available. This one is him flying in the Alps.

Patrouille de France at Gatineau

The famous French demo team will appear at Wings over Gatineau April 30. Here’s a cool video of the team flying with Jetman Yves Rossy and two other jet suit pilots Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen.

Flying the Hudson Corridor

In the middle of some of the most congested airspace in the world is a strip of VFR airspace that invites GA pilots to take in the sights of New York City. COPA VP of Operations Patrick Gilligan flew the corridor last fall and shot some video.

RCAF Basic Flight Training

The RCAF is always hiring new pilots and this video is a collection of clips from the Harvard and Hawk courses at Moose Jaw.

What It Used To Sound Like

Otters with radial engines are getting pretty rare but anyone who has witnessed something like this will always remember the sound.

Bush Pilot Documentary

Buckle in for this hour-long documentary on bush flying in Canada.

CF-18 Low-Level Training

Nice documentary on the type of flying going on when a CF-18 went down near Cold Lake earlier this week killing Capt. Thomas McQueen.

Airship To Haul Ore

This is the sort of hybrid airship a Canadian company will use to haul ore from a mine to a refinery in Quebec. They’re hoping to be up and running in 2019.

Global 7000 First Flight

Nice video from Bombardier of their latest bizjet offering. They cost more than $70 million.

How Will You Fuel?

It’s a given that 100LL will be discontinued but if you’re one of those who needs the high-octane avgas, that’s a troubling thought. Canada’s National Research Council is looking at drop-in replacements.

Snowbirds, Breitling Team and CF-18

Snowbird 3 Maciej Hatta shot this incredible video of the team practicing with the Breitling Jet Team and the CF-18 demo plane at the Canadian International Airshow in Toronto last month.

Celebrating Pilots

Air Canada pays tribute to its pilots in this nice video released last year.

Battle of Britain Vets Birthday Flight

John Hart celebrated his 100th birthday with a flight in a Harvard in September. He is Canada’s last surviving Battle of Britain pilot.

Canadian A U.S. Champion

Luke Penner, of Steinbach, Manitoba, won the Sportsman category at the U.S. National Aerobatics Championships in Texas last month. Here’s a video of his practice flight.

Routine Landing

Here’s how it’s done. Despite a 25-knot wind in Bermuda, an Air Canada pilot made it look easy.

A Lucky Scrape

We normally feature Canadian videos here but this one shows just how close pilots are to disaster even under the most controlled circumstances, like on the runway at the National Championship Air Races in Reno. Positively cringeworthy but instructive nonetheless.

Biplanes To Vimy

Six replica First World War fighters will fly over Vimy Ridge on the 100th anniversary of the epic battle. Pilot Allan Snowie explains how it will be done.

Forgotten How to Land?

It happens to everyone and here’s how one pilot fixed it.

As Good As It Gets

Classic bush planes and the backdrop of beautiful British Columbia in a nice video from Swayne Martin.

Wall of Fire

Always a crowd pleaser at the Abbotsford Air Show, the Wall of Flame act by the CF-18 is even more spectacular in the night show.

F-35 Debuts at Abbotsford

The first visit of the F-35 to Canada took place at the 2016 Abbotsford Air Show, but it did not fly for the public. This video was shot of the arrival of the two aircraft on Aug. 11, the day before the show started.

Message From Space

There are 3,400 candidates to become one of two new Canadian astronauts. They have some big shoes to fill.

Floatplane Launch From Concrete

Mitchinson Flight Centre sent its Cessna 185 on straight floats back to its natural habitat from Saskatoon International Airport with the help of a truck and trailer. Note how the pilot keeps the wings clean until he gets to flaps-down flying speed and deploys the flaps quickly to make the plane leap off the trailer.

Mars Makes A Splash At AirVenture

The Martin Mars has been wowing crowds at AirVenture this week. Nice video here from AirshowStuffVideo.

Flying the Martin Mars

If you have the money, you can fly the biggest piston airplane in the world.

Joe’s New Ride

Buffalo Joe McBryan is flying his N3N biplane around Yellowknife these days. This is a nice video on the ferry flight.

C-27 Demo

The C-27 Spartan shows its capabilities in this air show performance.

Amphib Emergency Landing

Paul Armstrong had his hands full landing his Cessna 206 with some gear down and some gear up on the amphib floats. He did a great job.

Our Favorite CL-415 Video

Spain loves the Bombardier (now Viking) CL-415 and it shows in this video.