Murphy Rebel Flight

The Murphy Rebel is a popular kit aircraft that will soon be available as a factory build. Owners love its flight characteristics.

Sam Aircraft Finds a Buyer

Aviation Consumer’s Larry Anglisano, like many other aviation journalists, had positive things to say about the Sam. His video appeared on AVweb.

Buffalo’s History Continues

Buffalo Airways got its operating certificate back. It celebrated 45 years of service last July with this video.

Winter’s No Deterrent

We keep flying in Canada and these folks had a blast in the Maritimes last year.

Cadet Flying

Each year dozens of young air cadets earn pilot licences through a unique scholarship program.

CF-18 Demo

The RCAF announced its demo pilot and paint scheme for the CF-18 Hornet air show aircraft this week. Here’s a reminder of how cool the show is, particularly the twilight show at the Planes of Fame Air Show in Chino, California.

Drones and National Parks

The rules may be restrictive, but there is no shortage of drone videos of Banff National Park on YouTube.

How To Hand-Prop

It’s not hard and this video gets the safety message across in a light-hearted way.

Bombardier CSeries First Commercial Flight

Swiss Airlines flew its first promotional passenger flight earlier this week. Airways Magazine shot a cell phone video.

Snowbirds Over Washington

The team took over airspace over the U.S. Capitol for a short show.

Aerobatics In The Bush

Tsuniah Lake Lodge in northern B.C. provided a beautiful backdrop to some bush aerobatic flying last summer.

A380 Go-Around

Sometimes a pilot misjudges a landing but it’s a little more critical on the world’s biggest airliner. After floating for about a quarter of the way down Vancouver’s Runway 8R, the pilots hit the throttles for a second successful attempt.

Typhoon In Action

The Hawker Typhoon, the brawny relative of the venerable Hurricane, was one of the most underrated aircraft in the Second World War according to some. A Comox group is trying to restore a Typhoon to flying condition.

Landing At Buttonville

This is something that will be repeated many more times now that Buttonville’s life has been extended.

Old Canso Waterbomber Footage

Cansos were among the original types converted for firefighting and this video from 1990 shows a typical operation.

Serving the World

Flying Colours Corp. customizes and refurbishes aircraft from all over the world at its Peterborough headquarters.

Short and Sweet

The STOL CH 750 lives up to its name as demonstrated by company pilots.

Day In the Life of a CC-130

The versatile platform has been a mainstay of the RCAF for more than 50 years.

Hawker Hunter Performance

Here’s a look at what might be on tap for visitors to the Jet Aircraft Museum in London, Ontario after its new Hawker Hunter is operational.

Canadian Constellation Restoration

A U.S. project has put Lockheed Super Constellations back in the news and Trans Canada Airlines flew them for a time. One of them was converted to a restaurant before being moved to the Museum of Flight for a static display restoration in TCA colours.

Helicopter Escape

Quebec prosecutors released surveillance video of two prisoners being pulled out of the yard of detention centre in Saint-Jerome, Quebec in 2013.

Women of Aviation Week

As part of the celebrations, participants took part in an attempt to set a world record for flying paper airplanes.

Northern Air Shows Planned

Brent Handy could be one of the acts featured in an ambitious tour of northern Canada planned for 2017.

Laser Strike Bust

Although most people who shine lasers at aircraft get away with it, a fellow in Toronto picked the wrong target last year and this well watched video was the result.

Made for Water

Twin Otters, like this European Coastal Airlines aircraft, are among the most popular big seaplanes and now Viking is building a pure seaplane version.

All In A Day’s Work

This is what Chinook crews train for. This took place at Operation Nevus at Eureka, Nunavut in July of 2015.

Seastar Taking Off

Diamond Aircraft in London, Ontario, will build the airframe of the Dornier Seastar.