Tour of Twin Otter Plant

Viking Air’s parent company Longview Aviation Capital bought Bombardier’s Q400 program earlier this week. Russ Niles toured Viking’s Twin Otter plant in Victoria a few years ago.

Darryl Murphy In Homebuilder Hall of Fame

The founder of Murphy Aircraft, Darryl Murphy, will be inducted into EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame Nov. 8. Although he’s officially retired, Murphy presided over the design of the Murphy Radical which flew for the first time last year.

Elroy At Markham

A passenger carrying drone built by Texas-based Astro Aerospace underwent testing at Toronto Markham Airport this week. The drone, called Elroy, was flying under a Transport Canada special flight operations certificate.

Loud and Proud

Most airshows thrive on speed and loud aircraft speed and the London Air Show really cranks up the volume.

Long EZE Aerobatics

Fresh from his appearance at AirVenture 2018 in Oshkosh, Kyle Fowler, of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, will perform at the Canadian International Air Show this weekend in his Long EZE.

John Sessions The Pilot

Historic Flight Foundation Founder John Sessions was the pilot of a de Havilland Dragon Rapide that crashed at Abbotsford on Aug. 11. Sessions flies everything in his extensive collection and was checked out in a DC-3 a few years ago.

Canadian Warbirds

There’s nothing like the rumble of warbird engines to get the interest of pilots and the Canadian Warbird Operators Conference aims to keep them flying.

Attracting Pilots

Air Georgian has invested heavily in recruitment and now it’s asking the whole industry to join it in creating the next generation of aviation workers. Here’s on of its ideas on attracting pilots.

Blackfly Stuns AirVenture

A Canadian designed octocopter that meets basic ultralight specs was unveiled at AirVenture. Opener Inc.’s Blackfly drew large crowds and major media interest.

Aurora Gets The Job Done

The CP-140 Aurora is not a particularly sexy aircraft but it’s earned a lot of respect around the world as a solid reconnaissance and surveillance platform. Buckle up for 44 minutes of all things Aurora.

T-33 Flight

In 1956, the T-33 was a frontline aircraft for the RCAF and the discovery of a wing from a T-Bird that crashed in 1956 prompted a search for videos on the venerable aircraft that was retired from service by the RCAF only a few years ago. The Jet Aircraft Museum in Waterloo, Ontario, has several retired RCAF T-33s and Flight Chops went for a ride.

Canada’s ‘Craziest’ Helicopter Pilot?

Vancouver-area pilot Brad Friesen is making a name for himself on YouTube with his helicopter flight videos.

Electric Aviation

James Douma, of Pitt Meadows, B.C., is one of the first North Americans to put an electric aircraft into regular service. He spoke with Canadian Aviator’s Russ Niles for this video posted on AVweb.

CL-415 In Action

There are lots of good videos of the big amphib putting out forest fires but we like this one from the busy fire year of 2012 in Spain.

Super Sealane

A Super Sealane 182 burned at Cooking Lake Airport last Monday. Canadian Aviator Publisher Russ Niles flew with the developer of the aircraft Jim Schwerman to Airventure in 2014.

Snowbirds From Above

Here’s a perspective of the Snowbirds most people don’t get to see. This was shot over Tofino during a media flight in late April. Watch for the twinkling lights.

Air Force Mult-Engine Training

Any RCAF pilot who doesn’t fly an F-18 or helicopter goes through the multi-engine course at Southport, Man. KF Aerospace contracts for the aircraft and facilities and the Air Force supplies the instructors.

Pilot Reality

As with any other career, aviation has its less-than-glamourous moments. A young couple from Northern Ontario showed a typical day flying for a small airline in the Northern Ontario winter.

Lancaster FM104

A Toronto group is trying to keep a city-owned Lancaster in the city but the city wants to donate it to a Victoria museum. This video encapsulates the aircraft’s history to date.

Eyes in the Sky

The Ontario Provincial Police was an early adopter of drone technology and is hoping to expand that use.

Vanderhoof Airshow

The B.C. show punches above its weight for a small community and is looking for financial help to overcome a government funding shortfall.

Gimli Glider A Star

A 1995 made-for-TV movie called Free Fall dramatized the famous Gimli Glider incident and now Hollywood is looking at the story. This is the full length (90 minute) 1995 movie.

Vintage Aerobatics

There are plenty of faster and more agile aerobatic aircraft but the big old Stearman biplane carries a certain grace into its slow motion routines. Canadian air show performer Kevin Maher explains the difference between it and modern show planes.

Ski Flying Fun

Dave Miller shot this 10 years ago at Cold Lake in his Stinson 108 but it stands up as a nice way to spend a day. The video also pioneered a lot of the techniques used in modern aerial video production.

Sea King Ship Ops

Sea King pilots operate in some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Try to watch this without flinching.

CF-18 Demo

The CF-18 demonstration is a hit at airshows all over North America with its colourful paint scheme.