Lancaster FM104

A Toronto group is trying to keep a city-owned Lancaster in the city but the city wants to donate it to a Victoria museum. This video encapsulates the aircraft’s history to date.

Eyes in the Sky

The Ontario Provincial Police was an early adopter of drone technology and is hoping to expand that use.

Vanderhoof Airshow

The B.C. show punches above its weight for a small community and is looking for financial help to overcome a government funding shortfall.

Gimli Glider A Star

A 1995 made-for-TV movie called Free Fall dramatized the famous Gimli Glider incident and now Hollywood is looking at the story. This is the full length (90 minute) 1995 movie.

Vintage Aerobatics

There are plenty of faster and more agile aerobatic aircraft but the big old Stearman biplane carries a certain grace into its slow motion routines. Canadian air show performer Kevin Maher explains the difference between it and modern show planes.

Ski Flying Fun

Dave Miller shot this 10 years ago at Cold Lake in his Stinson 108 but it stands up as a nice way to spend a day. The video also pioneered a lot of the techniques used in modern aerial video production.

Sea King Ship Ops

Sea King pilots operate in some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Try to watch this without flinching.

CF-18 Demo

The CF-18 demonstration is a hit at airshows all over North America with its colourful paint scheme.