727 Hydroplanes Sideways

June 18/14-The Cargojet Boeing 727 (C-GCJZ) aeroplane landed on runway 29 in CYQM Moncton after a heavy rain shower. Immediately after touchdown the crew applied full reverse thrust on all three engines and maximum braking. The aircraft hydroplaned and began to swing to the left. Reverse thrust was reduced then reapplied on the right and center engine. Throughout the landing roll maximum braking was applied. As the aircraft slowed it continued to swing left and reverse thrust was removed. The aircraft came to rest on the runway about 90 degrees to the intended direction of landing with more than 3000 feet of runway remaining. ERS were dispatched to check brake temperatures and tire condition. The crew taxied the aircraft to the ramp without further incident. Standing water was noted on the runway at the time of landing. Company maintenance replaced three of the four tires due to reverted rubber damage caused from hydroplaning.