Autorotation to Field

Aug. 6/14An OpsMobil Inc. Aerospatiale AS350 BA (C-FXAH) was tasked with reforestation activities and was repositioning from Fairview (CEB5) to the tree planting staging camp (Spirit Camp). Shortly after liftoff, in the climb through 3000 feet ASL (800 feet above ground), the aircraft experienced an uncommanded yaw and complete loss of engine power (Honeywell LTS101-700D-2). The pilot performed an autorotation into a wheat field. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to the tail boom and tail rotor driveshaft from the main rotor blade contact. There were no injuries to the pilot (sole occupant). Company maintenance has inspected and have not found any causal reason for the engine failure to date. OpsMobil will update the TSB.