Beaver Flips on Edmund Lake

May 31/14-The Elk Island Air float-equipped DHC-2 Beaver (C-GPVC) was conducting a takeoff on the water at Edmund Lake, MB. As the aircraft lifted off the water at approximately 55 knots and in a SSW direction, the aircraft yawed to the left. There was an attempt to regain control and land the aircraft but the left wing contacted the water. The aircraft came to rest in the water and overturned. The pilot, who was the sole occupant, evacuated through an aircraft exit and was rescued by boat. The pilot was wearing a seat belt and shoulder harness on departure and suffered minor injuries. The pilot was not wearing a life vest and had not participated in water egress training. The reported winds at the time of the accident from the nearest weather station (CYIV) were 290 degrees at 15 gusting to 21 knots.