Citation Brake Fire

Jan. 2/15-The Provincial Aerospace Cessna S550, registration C-FABF, was conducting high speed taxi runs on Runway 29 at St. John’s, NL (CYYT) as part of a post-maintenance burn-in procedure carried out following the replacement of a main wheel brake assembly. The pilot noted that the left brake was initially ineffective when operated from the left side. The left brake then became over sensitive to inputs made by the aircraft maintenance engineer occupying the right seat position. The pilot noticed flames at the left brake, taxied clear of the runway, and alerted ATS of the fire before both occupants evacuated. ARFF responded and extinguished fires at both the left and right main wheel brakes. Both wheels and brakes were replaced due to fire damage. Various landing gear components were replaced as a precautionary measure, and a full brake fluid flush and replacement was carried out.