Cropduster Pulls Down Five Power Poles

July 7/14-The Northern Air and AG, Thrush S2R-T34, N9600F was engaged in aerial application 7 nm south of Carievale, Saskatchewan. The aircraft was making an application pass to the south. Near the end of the pass some ducks were flushed up in front of the aircraft. Several ducks struck the aircraft and one impacted the windshield. Subsequently during the pull up the aircraft impacted telephone wires that ran east-west, 50 metres from the south end of the field. A wire caught on the windshield wiper stop on the windshield frame and broke the canopy. The aircraft was able to remain airborne until the wire snapped as one wheel briefly touched the ground. After assessing controllability the pilot elected to make an emergency landing at West Hope, North Dakota. The pilot was not injured. The aircraft sustained damage to the propeller, canopy and empennage. Five telephone poles were pulled down.