Details of Homebuilt Midair

Feb. 2/15-The amateur-built Christavia Mk 1, C-GREN, and the amateur-built CLASS BushCaddy L164, C-GALV, were on a VFR formation flight from Carstairs. AB (CGB2) to Red Deer Lake and return. C-GREN was the lead aircraft with C-GALV following in the 3 – 5 o’clock position with 500 – 1000 foot lateral separation. At approximately 8 nm south of Red Deer Lake the formation commenced a descent from 5500 to 4500 feet. C-GALV moved up to the 3 o’clock position for the flight over the lake. While in the descent approaching 4500 feet the tail of C-GREN was struck by the propeller of C-GALV. C-GREN departed controlled flight and tumbled 1600 feet vertically before impacting the ground inverted. C-GALV circled and then landed in the field beside the wreckage of the lead aircraft. The pilot of C-GREN sustained serious injuries, but was able to egress the wreckage after shutting off the electrics and fuel. The pilot was airlifted via EMS Helicopter to hospital.