Digital Viewer Overview

The newest release of our Digital Viewer has a really simple tutorial built into each page.  Simply move your mouse over the ? icon at the lower right and a tutorial will appear which shows the functions of the Viewer. (see sample below)

The highlighted features include:

  • a nicer transition experience when moving from page to page
    • simply press the orange Next or Prev Button
  • an easier zoom experience to allow you increase or decrease the font size of the page instantly.
    • press the expand   button (left side below prev button)


    • put your cursor on the edge of the screen
    • click (hold) and drag to the right to make print larger or to the left to make it smaller
  • Click the TOC button (left side) to display the Table of Contents Page.
    • drag you cursor over a page number and click the Page Icon when it appears to instantly take you to that page.
  • Click the Index button (right side) to display a visual index of your magazine.
    • click any page image to take you instantly to that page
    • change the format of this function to a simple clickable list if you wish
    • jump to a specific page easily from here as well.
  • Click the  Orange Option Button at the top of the screen to  reveal the Options menu and then press the Select Issue Button to view an index of available Past Magazine Issues or Comment to instantly send us a comment on an article you are reading.
  • As usual click the Next or Prev Orange Buttons to move through the magazine
  • If you are using a device with Touch Capabilities you can also Swipe Left for Next Page or Swipe Right for Previous Page.

Its a very nice way to view the magazine.  And for those of us with less than perfect vision, it makes reading the magazine much easier.

A Few Notes:

We have tested this Viewer on many devices to make sure that you have the best viewing experience possible.  It runs well on most newer devices, but please understand that an app like this is built for a fast internet and  modern devices.  Also, it uses data as it caches pages to keep it moving smoothly.  It generally only loads the first 5 pages of the magazine and the Table of Contents Pages at the beginning of the session.  You will also notice that it loads faster the second time you use it because it usually keeps those cached files for future sessions.

Do NOT use this app if you don’t have a strong high speed data program with your internet provider.  It can only be as fast as your internet.