‘Flying Car’ Lands in Kelowna

The first Maverick has been imported to Canada by one of the developers of the unique canopy-supported roadable aircraft.

Ray Siebring and his wife Julie are among the developers of the vehicle and he brought one of only six in existence to Kelowna, B.C. in December. The Maverick is being developed in Florida by

The Maverick is a street-legal vehicle with a pusher prop that flies about 40 mph under a parachute.

The aircraft turns heads whether it’s in the air or on the street and Siebring has garnered some media attention in the Okanagan with the vehicle.

The Maverick is a two-place car/aircraft that meets U.S. Light Sport specs. It uses a 2.5 litre Subaru engine to drive either a five-bladed propeller or the wheels through a shiftable transaxle.

Under canopy, the Maverick flies about 40 mph and on the road, it’s a street-legal vehicle that easily maintains highway speeds.

The vehicle is being developed primarily as a transportation alternative for remote areas where road access is spotty or non-existent.