Jet Museum Wants To Restore Voodoo

The Jet Aircraft Museum in London, Ontario has announced that it has been awarded the opportunity to save, transport and restore a CF-101 Voodoo, one of the Royal Canadian Air Forces most important Cold War fighters.

During the Cold War Canadian CF-101 Voodoos fighter jets were piloted, crewed and maintained by dedicated members of our Canadian Forces while protecting Canada from the threat of invasion for more than 26 years. The Jet Aircraft Museum now has the opportunity to repay those who dedicated their lives to our freedom by saving the last Voodoo to fly with the Canadian Armed Forces. Voodoo voodoo#006 will be transported to London Ontario from it’s current location in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.

It is the museum’s mission to restore this endangered airframe to its past glory, educating visitors about the history of the Voodoo and the Cold War, along with other jets like the T-33 SilverStar, MiG-15 and De Havilland Vampire already operated by the museum.

The Jet Aircraft Museum plans to send a team of members out to Cornwallis, Nova Scotia this coming summer or fall to dismantle, load and transport the Voodoo, along with another T-33 that the Cornwallis Military Museum has donated to the museum.

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