Justin Tessier

Flight Date: October 6, 2013
Flight School: Harv’s Air Pilot Training
Flight Instructor: Libin Koshy

Message: Some pople want presents and cake for their birthday but the only thing I wanted was to complete my first solo. October 6th, 2013 was a beautiful fall day but the wind – 18 gusting 27 knots – threatened to delay my solo. You only turn 14 once and you only get one chance at a “first” solo. I arrived at Harv’s Air and was optimistic about the flight and hopeful that the winds wouldn’t keep me on the ground. After doing a couple of circuits with my instructor, he felt I was ready. I took off and it hit me that there was no one beside me. It was quiet. The last words I heard from the St. Andrews tower that day was “Congratulations on your first solo and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ”