Kurian Mathew

Flight Date: November 22, 2013
Flight School: Skyquest Aviation
Flight Instructor: Kirk Palmer


The weather was calm, I was doing circuits with my instructor, after two touch and goes he asked me to request for a full stop. I was a bit confused, since we were just 15 minutes into our one hour booking. After landing, he made a call to the tower informing them about my first solo! Everything was happening so fast. I couldn’t believe because I had no idea that he would be sending me for solo that day. After the call he got out of the aircraft and said, now it’s all yours, go and have fun. I was a bit nervous, but confident. The realization of being alone was over powered by the rush of adrenaline. The rest of the flight was pretty much as I planned before I took off. It felt really great when the tower congratulated me after I landed, then came my instructor, my fellow students. I couldn’t stop giggling. Oh, the water cannon, it wasn’t very comfortable to get soaking wet on a chilly day! But experiencing the freedom of an eagle makes every effort worth it!

The most memorable b’day gift I ever received!