Gimli Glider Movie Considered

One of Canada’s best flying stories has caught the attention of Hollywood. Inkubate Entertainment is in the early stages of putting the story of the Gimli Glider on the silver screen. “The latest we’ve heard is that they’ve hired two scriptwriters,” Bob Pearson, captain of fuel-starved Air Canada Boeing 767 told CTV “We never know, but we are hopeful, and it’s, of course, something very interesting to be involved in.”

Pearson, who is now 82, was in the left seat of the brand new widebody on July 23, 1983, when it inexplicably ran out of fuel at 38,000 feet over Northern Ontario. “There was a loud bong and the cockpit (and) the flight deck simply went black,” said Pearson. “We (were) a great big glider.”


He and First Officer Maurice Quintal, who has since died, initially headed for Winnipeg for an emergency landing but calculated they wouldn’t make it. The former military airfield at Gimli was closer and they turned toward it. The abandoned runway was filled with families attending go-kart races when the huge aircraft swoops silently into view, side slipping to lose altitude and speed. Although the nosegear wasn’t fully deployed and collapsed on touchdown, there were no injuries on board or on the ground. The aircraft was repaired and went on to fly for the airline for more than 30 years. A mix-up between metric and imperial measures led to insufficient fuel being loaded for the flight from Montreal to Edmonton.

Failed Go-Around Led To Ninety-Nines Event Crash

The Transportation Safety Board says a failed attempt at a go-around led to the crash of a Mooney M20J that killed two well-known members of the Ninety-Nines last September 16. The aircraft’s owner Susan Begg, […]

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Parachute Issue Grounds Snowbirds

A problem with a tool that sets the timing for parachute deployment in the ejection system in the CT-114 Tutor aircraft used by Snowbirds has forced the cancellation of several shows by the team. The […]

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Give Hope Wings 2022: Canada Coast to Coast – Destination Reached

Mother nature continued to throw challenges at the GHW 2022 pilots, with an extensive stationary cold front over New Brunswick creating instrument-flight-only conditions throughout the Maritimes. Four aircraft were flying by visual rules only and […]

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Give Hope Wings 2022: Canada Coast to Coast – Update

Mother nature has conspired to give the Give Hope Wings 2022 flight numerous weather challenges as it works its way across Canada from the West Coast. From low clouds along the VFR route east from […]

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WestJet Testing Drag Kit

WestJet hopes to cut 40 tons off its carbon footprint and save $12,000 a month in fuel costs on Boeing 737-700 operations with the installation of drag reduction modifications it will test on one of […]

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Missed Radio Call Led To Incursion

A missed radio call resulted in a runway incursion involving an Air Canada Embraer 190 and a packed Boeing 777 also operated by Air Canada in 2020 at Pearson Airport. The incursion got some attention […]

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De Havilland Says Good-Bye To Downsview

One of Canada’s most historic aviation industry sites will be officially de-commissioned with a family-style event on Saturday. De Havilland Canada will say good-bye to its Downsview factory for good. Aircraft have been manufactured there […]

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An-124 Parking Fees Mount In Toronto

The parking fee for an An-124 grounded at Pearson Airport has topped $100,000 and it will keep climbing at more than $1,000 a day while Russia continues its war against Ukraine. The aircraft, which delivered […]

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Give Hope Wings 2022: Canada Coast to Coast

After months of planning, the expedition got off the ground as planned in Victoria, British Columbia on Monday, June 6 with Canadian Aviator publisher Steve Drinkwater leading the first leg to Kelowna where the rest […]

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Auroras Buzzed By Chinese Fighters

The Canadian government will protest to China after a couple of fighters buzzed an RCAF CP-140 long range patrol aircraft off the coast of North Korea. The Aurora is part of Canada’s NATO commitment to […]

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Flair Airlines Canadian Enough

Flair Airlines has been cleared to continue its attempt to disrupt the budget airline market in Canada after the Canadian Transportation Agency ruled it’s Canadian enough. The CTA announced last week that Flair’s recent shuffling […]

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Hadfield New Ninety-Nines President

A well-known face around aviation events in Ontario is stepping onto the world stage as the first non-U.S. president of the Ninety-Nines. Robin Hadfield was recently elected to the post. She’s been active in the […]

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Give Hope Wings Ready To Launch

On  May 27, YVR marked this year’s Give Hope Wings expedition at co-host Million Air’s hangar on YVR’s south side. Ceremonies included a cedar brushing of the three GHW participating aircraft which were on hand […]

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Royal Aviation Museum Now Open

One of Canada’s most important collections of vintage aircraft has opened its state-of-the-art exhibition space in Winnipeg and the reviews are universally excellent. The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada was forced to move out […]

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Family Search Finds Missing Plane After Snow Goes

A follow-up search funded by members of a missing pilot’s family found the wreck of his Piper Comanche with his and the body of his friend inside. The wreckage was spotted May 21 about 60 […]

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