Gimli Glider Movie Considered

One of Canada’s best flying stories has caught the attention of Hollywood. Inkubate Entertainment is in the early stages of putting the story of the Gimli Glider on the silver screen. “The latest we’ve heard is that they’ve hired two scriptwriters,” Bob Pearson, captain of fuel-starved Air Canada Boeing 767 told CTV “We never know, but we are hopeful, and it’s, of course, something very interesting to be involved in.”

Pearson, who is now 82, was in the left seat of the brand new widebody on July 23, 1983, when it inexplicably ran out of fuel at 38,000 feet over Northern Ontario. “There was a loud bong and the cockpit (and) the flight deck simply went black,” said Pearson. “We (were) a great big glider.”


He and First Officer Maurice Quintal, who has since died, initially headed for Winnipeg for an emergency landing but calculated they wouldn’t make it. The former military airfield at Gimli was closer and they turned toward it. The abandoned runway was filled with families attending go-kart races when the huge aircraft swoops silently into view, side slipping to lose altitude and speed. Although the nosegear wasn’t fully deployed and collapsed on touchdown, there were no injuries on board or on the ground. The aircraft was repaired and went on to fly for the airline for more than 30 years. A mix-up between metric and imperial measures led to insufficient fuel being loaded for the flight from Montreal to Edmonton.

PM’s Ride Back From Repairs

Just in time for the post-pandemic wanderlust that will likely strike, the prime minister’s international ride is ready to take him wherever the spirit moves. After more than a year of repairs, the CC-150 Polaris […]

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Regional Airline Consolidation Ends Sky

Sky Regional Airlines will fold after losing its contract to supply regional feeder service for Air Canada in Central Canada and the eastern U.S. The carrier will transfer its fleet of E175 twin jets to […]

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Second AD Hits Bell 505s

Transport Canada has temporarily banned single-pilot operations from the right seat in the Bell 505 helicopter after a collective stick failed during a preflight check earlier this year. The measure was included in an emergency […]

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Narrowed Runway Draws Community Protest

Residents of Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories are demanding the territorial government restore the operational width of the local airport runway to 200 feet. According to the CBC, the government reduced the 200-foot runway […]

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Charter Fills Atlantic Air Service Gaps

Adversity becomes opportunity sometimes and a Cape Breton air charter company is hoping to find the silver lining in the pandemic. Airlines have drastically cut service to Atlantic Canada and Celtic Air Services is poised […]

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De Havilland, PAL Team Up On Dash 8 P-4

De Havilland Canada and PAL Aerospace are teaming up to build a long-range patrol version of the Q400 regional airliner. The Dash 8 P-4 will be equipped to provide maritime patrol services as well as […]

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Runway Condition Reporting Standards Set

Canada will be the first to adopt a standardized set of pilot reporting terms to describe the braking action on contaminated runways. According to Macleans, Transport Canada will be sending guidance to operators that will […]

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De Havilland Pause Sparks Relief Demand

The union representing production workers at De Havilland Canada is demanding federal government involvement to support those losing their jobs at the company’s Q400 assembly plant in Toronto. As we reported in January, De Havilland […]

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Quebec Attracts Big Satellite Project

The Quebec government has rolled out incentives to get two Ontario companies to build a massive satellite project there. MDA and Telesat have partnered to launch a constellation of 298 small low earth orbit satellites […]

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Pilot Killed In Crash Of Speedy Ultralight

The owner and pilot of a Blackshape BS100 was killed when the high performance ultralight crashed at near Carp Airport near Ottawa last Wednesday. The aircraft went down in a wooded area after the pilot […]

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Air Transat Takeover Approved

Transport Canada has approved the sale of Air Transat to Air Canada citing the pandemic as a key factor in its decision. “As Transat A.T. itself noted in December 2020, current uncertainty casts doubt on […]

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Air Canada CEO Hopeful Of Airline Bailout

Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu says he’s hopeful the federal government will bail out air carriers after what he calls “the bleakest year in aviation history.” Rovinescu told analysts in a conference call on Friday […]

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Seatbelt Bracket Failure Cited In Fatal Crash

A seatbelt bracket failure has been cited in the fatal crash of a Cessna 140 in British Columbia last year that killed a beloved member of the B.C. flying community. Erissa Yong died when the […]

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Canada’s Busiest Airport Kitchener-Waterloo

Canada’s busiest airport in November of 2020 was Kitchener-Waterloo and two others that don’t normally occupy those spots, Boundary Bay and Abbotsford, were in second and third respectively. Statistics Canada said there were 13,619 takeoffs […]

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Nav Canada Defends Tower Closure Study

A senior Nav Canada official says the closure of seven air traffic control towers at smaller airports across the country is not a foregone conclusion and any decisions will be based on safety alone. Heather […]

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