Mechtronix Sims In Australia

Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) Works with Mechtronix to Expand MPL Training Delivery for Major Airlines


Montreal, May 7th 2013 – Cadet pilots from several major Australian airlines will soon be able to start training on a variety of systems designed, delivered and installed by Mechtronix, the Canadian-based flight simulator business, following the signing of two in-plant acceptance (IPA) certificates with the world-class aviation training solutions provider,Flight Training Adelaide (FTA).


FTA has accepted both the Ascent® XJ Trainer™ and the A320 FFT X™-MPL which are to be installed in a new facilityat Parafield Airport, South Australia as part of a successful training programme that the company has devised for major airlines such as QantasLink, Virgin Australia and Cathay Pacific. The simulators will service a combined annual requirement of about 13,000 simulator hours.


The XJ Trainer™ is designed to introduce students to an automated flight deck (commercial environment). It is a cost-effective and efficient way of familiarizing pilots with the speed, performance and systems management of different classes of ‘typical’ airliner aircraft, satisfying the requirements of the basic phase of MPL training curriculums. It is able to replicate a commercial single-aisle jet, a twin turboprop aircraft, or both, and incorporates the latest modern flight deck advanced avionics systems.


The FFT X™-MPL includes a collimated 200° x 40° visual system as used on the Mechtronix Full Flight Simulator (the FFS X™) as well as a 3 DOF seat cueing system. It is an ideal solution for MPL intermediate training in a fixed-base environment. It is a more type specific device than the XJ Trainer™, helping pupils to gradually migrate onto the aircraft they may ultimately fly, while maintaining the generic training principles from day one of Phase II right up until the type rating.


The FFT X™-MPL concept is a fully type specific cockpit with FFS handling, performance, sound and visual systems, but with a configurable overhead panel to allow the instructor to build up system complexity without the students becoming overwhelmed as they develop MCC and CRM skills.


George Karam, Vice-President at Mechtronix, says he is delighted with the trust that FTA has shown in Mechtronix’ technology: “Our full range of flight simulation and training systems are proven worldwide to deliver tailored, best-in-class training at every stage of a pilot’s career”.