NavCanada Partner in Satellite ADS-B System

NavCanada is a founding partner of a system that will give satellite based radar-like coverage world wide.

NavCanada is a founding partner of a system giving satellite based radar-like coverage worldwide.

Innovation by NavCanada could help prevent recurrence of the mystery surrounding the loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370.

The nation’s air services provider has struck a deal with Aireon, a satellite company, to attach receivers on 66 satellites that will pick up aircraft ADS-B transmissions.

That will allow Nav Canada to have a radar-like picture of the location of aircraft where there is no radar coverage, like over the ocean.

As Aireon’s first customer, NavCanada will initially deploy the service over the millions of square miles of ocean for which it is responsible for air traffic services. But NavCanada is also a partner in the joint venture and will be involved in its deployment worldwide.

“Aireon plans a public-private partnership. With the support of government users, it will invest private capital, industry expertise, and will build out an infrastructure that can be used by air traffic control organizations around the globe to provide a public good, ” said Aireon CEO Don Thoma.