Pitch Problem Prompts Landing

Feb. 4/14-The EVAS Beechcraft 1900 (registration C-GAAT) aeroplane departed St John’s Airport (CYYT) enroute to Deer Lake Airport (CYDF). In the initial climb the first officer, who was PIC, was having difficulty in keeping the aircraft from pitching nose up. The right electric trim did not respond to crew inputs nor did the left when selected by the captain. The trim wheel could not be moved. The captain took control of the aircraft and applied force to the trim wheel and elevator controls at the same time and the trim wheel moved forward. The nose of the aircraft dropped and now the aircraft was in near level flight. The crew climbed to 6000 feet and diverted to Gander where the weather was VFR and using elevator control completed the flight and landing without incident. Maintenance found the electric trim servo was almost seized and contained metal pieces. The servo was replaced and the trim system tested normal. The aircraft was released to service.