R1 Focuses on ‘Challenging’ Missions

R1 Boundless is the new name of Regional 1 Airlines
R1 Boundless is the new name of Regional 1 Airlines

Regional 1 Airlines has been rebranded as R1 Boundless  emphasizing its flexibility and experience in sometimes difficult flying conditions as its marketing direction.

Regional 1, which began as a Calgary-based scheduled regional carrier about 10 years ago quit the scheduled business and concentrated on the charter business, particularly the Alberta resource sector. But it also got contracts all over the world, working in some trouble spots and on humanitarian missions.

It’s now leveraging the lessons learned on those missions to offer safe and reliable service to what it calls “challenging destinations,” according to a company news release.

“The new look and feel reflects our service offering aimed at carrying clients wherever they need to go”, said President, Eric Edmondson. Businesses are growing and with growth comes operational and transportation challenges. In today’s complex world, we excel at transporting our clients to challenging destinations, while operating in a reliable fashion to the highest safety standards.”

Last year, Regional 1 merged with Toronto-based Air Georgian and R1 Boundless is an outgrowth of that union. It operates Dash-8s, CRJ100 and Beech 1900 aircraft and clients can customize their service and schedule.

“All of our efforts focus on carrying our clients from ‘remote to remote’ or ‘center to remote’ locations around the world”, added Richard Pollock, Business Development Manager for R1. “With the right measures in place, our experienced team is able to operate at any time to any place.”