Students Have Problems

Feb. 4/14-The Brantford Flying Club Cessna Cessna 172 (C-GJNN) was operating on a local flight at Brantford Municipal Airport (CYFD) with a student pilot. During the takeoff roll on runway 23, the pilot lost directional control of the aircraft. The aircraft left the runway surface along the southern edge coming into contact with snow before pitching onto the nose and right wing and coming to rest inverted. The pilot was uninjured however the aircraft was substantially damaged.

Feb. 3/14- The Seneca College Cessna 172 (C-GSCS) was operating in the circuit at Peterborough Airport (CYPQ) with a solo student pilot. During landing on runway 27 directional control of the aircraft was lost. The aircraft exited the runway surface along the south side and proceeded through accumulated snow. The aircraft subsequently tipped causing the left wing, propeller and cowl to impact the snow before coming to rest in an upright position. The pilot was uninjured, however the aircraft received substantial damage.