TravelMate is designed to give the traveler instant access to millions of pieces of information in a logical format that can really be used. Theinformation is managed with the use of 3 Modes.

User HERE to find places close to where you are right now….this is the default mode.

Use ADDRESS to findplaces close to a specific location that you might be travelling to and use AIRPORT to find places and Airport specific diagrams and charts which pertain to anAirport that you may be travelling to or are currently near.

You select the Mode that you require by pressing the Mode Selector which is located at the top left of the TravelMate Screen.

This documentation is broken down by Mode and discusses specific details regarding each Mode.

You can easily read each section of this document by simply clicking on the Title that you wish to read about.

Also simply place the mouse over any of the Buttons on the Page to view a description of its purpose.

You can close this document by clicking on the Off Button located to the Right of the Overview Button.


Here Mode

Here Mode is the Default Mode and will find places that are within approximately 40 miles of where you are right now.  If you are using a Desktop Computer and do not have Location services turned on simply click the Set Start Location button to set your current location.

It is simple to find almost any Commercial or Street Location that you wish.

Use the More Selector to do “Canned” searches for anything from Steak Houses to Doctors Offices.

Use the Search Button to find specific venues.  You can enter anything from Home Depot to Walmart or Starbucks on the Search Screen and then press the Find Button.

You can also use our sponsored Icon buttons to Find our sponsored locations.

The First 3 locations found are shown on the lower part of the screen.  Press the Location Name itself to get more detailed information about the place including the Address, Phone Number and a rating or press the Dir key to get directions or the GO button to use your device software to give you turn by turn directions to the location.

You can also use the Next and Previous Buttons to Navigate through all of the Found Places

Airport Mode

Airport Mode sets Travelmate to refer to a specific Airport.

After setting the Mode to Airport,  Click Find Airport to Search for a specific Airport Location. You can use the 3 character Airport Code or simply type in the name. Looking up Ottawa Airport for example you could search for yow or Ottawa International Canada.  You would find the same thing.

Once you find the Airport(s) the most likely airport will be displayed at the Top of the screen.

Other possibilities will be displayed in the found area lower down on the screen. (3 at a time)

To select one of these, simply Click your choice and it will be displayed in the header at the top and will become the selected airport.

Once you have chosen an airport then you can Click the Airport Diag button to get the various Airport Runway Diagrams for that Airport.

You can then get various types of information regarding the chosen airport such as weather, current traffic etc.