Now we make it easier to quickly plan your next trip.

Read the information on the page or just touch the TravelMate Icon (the image below) to go directly to launch TravelMate  for various devices and browsers automatically.  If you use TravelMate on your PC or Mac  you may need to set your current location by pressing the Set Start Location Button.


Press the TravelMate Icon above to Launch the program.

Firefox users please note that you may need to reload (F5) the app once it starts and make sure that you press the Set Start Location button after the reload.

so that you can

Quickly find and create your next trip’s intinerary faster and more efficiently than ever before.  We now have exclusive Canadian Rights to the TravelMate travel planner.

Features Include:

  • Fast accurate search for any venue from any location
  • Mode button gives you search from Here(current location), any Airport or any Address
  • Easily Find Venues through the use of convenient Drop Down menus or do your own specific searches
  • Once you have found your destination press Dir to get quick direction or press Go to get quick map instructions and on the Ipad and Android  Turn-by-Turn instructions.
  • You can also Bookmark locations for future use.
  • You can also Export your Bookmarks for use on your Garmin GPS or just list them on your Ipad or Android and always know your closest Bookmarks locations.
  • There are many other features include…all designed to make it much easier to enjoy your travelling experience.

Please launch our TravelMate For the Desktop to find all of your travel locations ahead of time for both your current location and your destination(s).


Launch TravelMate For IPAD to find all of your travel locations and Track your progress to and from them.

Please Note: the Ipad for IOS 6 currently has an issue with GPS accuracy which hopefully will fixed soon.  It still is very useful but you need to be aware that current location values are within 100 yards and not with 5 yards as they should be.

Useage Notes:

  • Use the Ipad as you would the desktop module
    • Make sure that your GPS is turned on.
  • Press the Mode Button at the top left of the screen to select your location of Here, Airport or Address.
    • For Address press the top center button to enter your desired address.
    • For Airport you can press Near or Find Airport  to find the desired Airport
  • Do your searches by pressing the:
    • Specific Search Button and entering the specific location that you are looking for.
    • More to select a pre-canned search
    • Bookmarks to Show your previous Bookmarked Locations
  • Your 3 closest found locations show on the screen
    • Press the –> or <– to navigate through your choices
    • Press the Displayed Location to get more detailed information about each found location
    •  Press the Dir button to quickly get directions to the corresponding location
    •  Press the Go button to get Turn by Turn instructions on you IPad or Android device.
      • on your Ipad press the Ipad’s center bottom button to return to the main screen.
      • then press the Safari button to return you to TravelMate.