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Class Action Noise Suit Approved
Class Action Noise Suit Approved
A group of neighbours living near Montreal’s Pierre Trudeau Airport have been granted class action status for a lawsuit against Montreal’s airport authority, Transport Canada and Nav Canada. The suit, ...
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Delta CSeries Deliveries This Year
Delta CSeries Deliveries This Year
Delta Airlines will start taking delivery of Bombardier CSeries airliners later this year with an eye to putting them in service in early 2019. This will be the first use ...
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Lanc May Move to B.C. Museum
Lanc May Move to B.C. Museum
A Second World War Lancaster bomber currently in storage in southern Ontario could soon be undergoing restoration in Victoria, B.C. over the wishes of a Toronto group that wants to ...
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CF-18 Over Long Beach

A little raw video from our photo flight with the RCAF over the west coast of Vancouver Island April 19 ...
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ATC Audio Communications – Southwest 1380

ATC audio communications from the Southwest 1380 flight which sustained an uncontained engine failure which resulted in one passenger losing her life. Remarkable, calm, professional by all involved in this ...
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Lancaster FM104

A Toronto group is trying to keep a city-owned Lancaster in the city but the city wants to donate it to a Victoria museum. This video encapsulates the aircraft’s history ...
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Eyes in the Sky

The Ontario Provincial Police was an early adopter of drone technology and is hoping to expand that use ...
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Vanderhoof Airshow

The B.C. show punches above its weight for a small community and is looking for financial help to overcome a government funding shortfall ...
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B-29s At AirVenture

The Commemorative Air Force’s B-29 Fifi will tour central Canada this summer and here’s a sample of what folks in those eight cities will see ...
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Recent Incidents


C-GYQW, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Air Transat, was conducting flight TSC369 from
Orlando Intl, FL (KMCO) to Halifax/Stanfield Intl, NS (CYHZ) with 6 crew members and 184
passengers on board. As the aircraft was rotating off Runway 36R on the takeoff, the flight crew
noticed a flock of birds passing below the aircraft. No impact was felt, however ATC was notified
that the aircraft might have hit birds. After a few minutes, Jacksonville Center contacted the flight
crew and advised that a few birds were found on the runway. The flight continued to destination
without further incident.
The operator’s maintenance carried out a bird strike inspection in accordance with Aircraft
Maintenance Manual 05-51-18-210-801. No dents or damage was found.

A small Cessna aircraft made an unscheduled landing on Highway 5 near Chelsea, Quebec on Sunday. (April 22). The pilot was not injured.

The landing took place at around 4 p.m. on the northbound lane of the highway near Old Chelsea Road. Chelsea is located about 15 kilometers north of Ottawa.

Police reported that no one was injured and the plane was not damaged.

The investigation is ongoing…Source-CBC

C-GNCH, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Sunwing Airlines, was conducting flight SWG429 from Punta Cana Intl, Dominican Republic (MDPC) to Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl, QC (CYUL) with 6 crew members and 187 passengers on board. During refueling at MDPC before the departure, fuel began leaking out. ARFF was requested and attended to the aircraft until the situation was rectified. The flight continued to destination without further incident.

C-FTJR, an Airbus 320-200 aircraft operated by Air Canada, was conducting flight ACA1219 from Orlando Intl, FL (KMCO) to Halifax/Stanfield Intl, NS (CYHZ). During the climb to cruising altitude after the departure from KMCO, the flight crew heard a thump from the belly as the aircraft climbed through FL240. Since no abnormal indications were noted on the flight deck, the flight continued to destination. When the landing gear was selected down on the approach to CYHZ, there was no response. The flight crew declared an emergency, executed a missed approach and performed a manual extension of the landing gear. The aircraft landed normally and the aircraft was brought to a full stop on the runway as the nose wheel steering is disabled in manual extension. The operator’s maintenance was called to tow the aircraft to the gate and observed that one of the left main tires was flat. Additionally, damage to the landing gear doors was observed.
The tire had exploded in the climb causing the noise and damage to the landing gear doors. The tire is being analyzed to determine the cause.

C-GMDQ, a privately operated Cirrus SR22 aircraft, was conducting a flight from Bedford County, PA (KHMZ) to Massena Intl/Richards Field, NY (KMSS) with one pilot and 2 passengers on board. While flying on an Instrument Flight Plan (IFR) at 9000 feet ASL in the vicinity of Lowville, NY, the pilot inadvertently allowed the aircraft to enter an unusual attitude and got spatially disoriented. As a precaution, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) was deployed. While the aircraft descended with the parachute, the pilot shut the engine down and declared a Mayday. The aircraft landed vertically upright and all 3 occupants evacuated the aircraft with minor injuries. Subsequently, the wind dragged the aircraft and flipped it inverted, causing substantial damage.

C-FUSF, a privately operated Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche aircraft, was conducting a flight from Morgantown/Municipal-Walter L Bill Hart Field, WV (KMGW) to Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City, ON (CYTZ) with 2 persons on board. Shortly after touchdown on Runway 26 at CYTZ, the aircraft veered to the right and departed the runway surface onto the grass. The nose gear collapsed and the aircraft came to rest on the main landing gear. There were no injuries, however the aircraft was substantially damaged.


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