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Student Pilot Helps Manitoba Dogs
Student Pilot Helps Manitoba Dogs
A Manitoba pilot is putting the time he’s building toward his commercial licence to good use by helping care for dogs on the region’s far-flung First Nations communities. Mateo Yepes ...
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Bombardier Sells Downsview
Bombardier Sells Downsview
Bombardier has sold its factory site and airport at Downsview in Toronto for $817 million as part of its financial rebuilding plan. The company currently makes Q400 airliners and Global ...
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KF Aerospace, CAE Form Joint Training Venture
KF Aerospace, CAE Form Joint Training Venture
Kelowna-based KF Aerospace and simulator and training giant CAE have formed a joint venture to bring all RCAF flight training under one umbrella company. The new company, called SkyAlyne, will ...
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Featured Videos

Snowbirds From Above

Here's a perspective of the Snowbirds most people don't get to see. This was shot over Tofino during a media flight in late April. Watch for the twinkling lights ...
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Air Force Multi-Engine Training

Any RCAF pilot who doesn’t fly an F-18 or helicopter goes through the multi-engine course at Southport, Man. KF Aerospace contracts for the aircraft and facilities and the Air Force ...
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Pilot Reality

As with any other career, aviation has its less-than-glamourous moments. A young couple from Northern Ontario showed a typical day flying for a small airline in the Northern Ontario winter ...
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CF-18 Over Long Beach

A little raw video from our photo flight with the RCAF over the west coast of Vancouver Island April 19 ...
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ATC Audio Communications – Southwest 1380

ATC audio communications from the Southwest 1380 flight which sustained an uncontained engine failure which resulted in one passenger losing her life. Remarkable, calm, professional by all involved in this ...
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Lancaster FM104

A Toronto group is trying to keep a city-owned Lancaster in the city but the city wants to donate it to a Victoria museum. This video encapsulates the aircraft’s history ...
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Recent Incidents


C-GWEF, a Bombardier DHC-8-400 aircraft operated by WestJet Encore, was conducting flight WEN3131 from Calgary Intl, AB (CYYC) to Fort McMurray, AB (CYMM). When the flight crew selected the landing gear down during the approach at CYMM, they observed only two green lights for the landing gear down position.

A missed approach was executed and the flight crew ran the QRH for the landing gear indicator malfunction.

ATC was notified, ARFF was requested and the aircraft landed without further issue.


N5587A, a Ryan Navion A aircraft operated by Kingdom Air Corps, was conducting a post maintenance local test flight from Fort Nelson, BC (CYYE) with one pilot on board. The aircraft departed from Runway 08 and, at an altitude of approximately 100 feet AGL, the engine (Teledyne Continental Motors E185) began to run rough. The aircraft continued the climb to an altitude of approximately 500 feet AGL, at which point the aircraft lost engine power for undetermined reasons.

The pilot elected to return to the field and executed a left turn due to better landing area options and proximity of rescue personnel. However, there was insufficient altitude to make the airport and a forced landing was carried out in a grassy area, on the east side of the airport. ARFF and EMS responded to the scene.

The pilot received serious injuries, and the aircraft was substantially damage.


C-FXCL, a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan aircraft operated by McMurray Aviation, was conducting a scheduled flight from Fort Chipewyan, AB (CYPY) to Fort McMurray, AB (CYMM) with 1 crew member and 9 passengers on board. While cruising at 5500 feet approximately 25 nm North of CYMM, the pilot noticed a change in sound, accompanied by a noticeable vibration in the aircraft. On approach to CYMM, the pilot requested an expedited landing. ATC asked if the pilot would like ARFF placed on standby, which the pilot agreed to. An uneventful landing was completed and the aircraft taxied to the ramp with no further issues.
A post flight examination revealed that baggage pod door A had opened in flight. It appeared that the latch had been closed on the rubber door seal and not the baggage pod structure as designed. During flight, the rubber seal tore and the door opened, resulting in the change in noise and vibration. No other anomalies were found. As that section of the baggage pod contained no items, nothing was lost from the aircraft.


C-GEML, a Diamond DA 20-A1 aircraft operated by Sea Land Air Management, was conducting a scenic flight from Vancouver/Boundary Bay, BC (CZBB) to Squamish, BC (CYSE) and return with two people on board. While retuning from CYSE, the pilot observed an engine vibration (Rotax 912 S3). The pilot attempted unsuccessfully to troubleshoot the source of the vibration. While in the vicinity of Point Atkinson, BC, the pilot contacted ATC and requested a direct route back to CZBB. Since they were unable to provide a direct route, ATC then offered Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR) as an alternative. The pilot declared an emergency and diverted to CYVR where a landing was made without further incident.

C-FCMN, a Beech 1900D aircraft operated by Central Mountain Air, was conducting flight GLR753 from Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR) to Prince George, BC (CYXS) with 2 crew members and 11 passengers on board. After the departure from CYVR, the flight crew declared an emergency due to a fuel leak. The flight crew requested a return to CYVR and shut the number 1 engine down. The aircraft landed on Runway 26L with ARFF standing by. Upon touchdown, a tire was blown and the aircraft stopped at midfield on the runway.

The passengers were deplaned and transported to the terminal building.

The aircraft was subsequently towed off at 1826Z. Runway 26L was closed for a minor fuel cleanup, while Runway 26R remained active. Runway 26L was reopened at 1830Z


C-GKHL, a Kamov KA-32A11BC aircraft operated by VIH Helicopters, was conducting a maintenance test flight from Victoria Intl, BC (CYYJ) with 1 pilot and 3 aircraft maintenance engineers on board. During liftoff, the helicopter yawed to the right despite the full application of the left pedal. After approximately four rotations, the pilot aligned the helicopter into the wind and landed firmly on the runway.

The helicopter was taxied back to the hangar without further incident. Subsequent maintenance inspection revealed that, during the previous scheduled 600 hours drag hinge replacement which required the removal of the upper rotor head, the pitch links for the upper rotor head were not returned to the correct dimension upon reassembly.


C-FDSN, an Airbus 320-200 aircraft operated by Air Canada, was conducting flight ACA224 from Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR) to Calgary Intl, AB (CYYC). Shortly after takeoff from CYVR, the landing gear doors failed to close upon selection of landing gear up. Following an unsuccessful ECAM reset, the flight crew declared a PAN PAN and elected to return CYVR where the aircraft landed without further incident.
Subsequent maintenance actions revealed a leaking nose landing gear actuator. The nose landing gear door safety valve and NLG door up-lock were replaced. Note: C-FDSN experienced a similar landing gear door issue while departing Los Angeles, CA (KLAX) on 30 April 2018 (see TSB Occurrence A18F0092).


C-FTXR, a privately registered Osprey-2 Amateur Built aircraft, was on approach to land at Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK) when the pilot reported an engine (Lycoming O-360-C2E) power loss. The pilot executed a forced landing in a field, approximately 2 nm North East of CYPK. Emergency services attended and transported the pilot, the sole occupant, to the hospital.

C-GIHJ, a Sikorsky S-76C helicopter operated by Helijet International, was conducting a flight from Vancouver Intl, BC (CYVR). During cruise flight, the transmission gearbox chip/hot annunciator light illuminated. The flight crew reviewed the checklist and, while locating the affected system circuit breaker to reset, they noticed the number 1 hydraulic servo jam circuit breaker had popped.
The chip light extinguished once reset, however due to multiple unrelated malfunction indications, the flight crew declared an emergency and elected to return to CYVR where the helicopter landed without further incident.
The operator’s maintenance found chaffed electrical wires, and proceeded to replace them.


C-GVXW, a privately operated Bushby Mustang II aircraft, was conducting a flight from Abbotsford, BC (CYXX) to Merritt, BC (CAD5). During the flight at 7500 feet, the pilot received a carbon monoxide warning and noticed exhaust fumes in the cockpit. After declaring a Mayday, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing on Highway 5, approximately 12 nm South of CAD5. The pilot landed the aircraft on the Highway and taxied the aircraft to the center median without further incident. The wings were removed and the aircraft was transported to CYXX on a trailer.
Subsequent maintenance inspection revealed a crack on the exhaust pipe.


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