Bombardier’s Ups and Downs

February 27, 2014 in weekly by Russ Niles

Bombardier ended the month on a high note with the firm order for one CSeries CS 300 model that will be used as a large corporate aircraft. Falcon Aviation Services also took an option on another aircraft, the largest of the CSeries line.

An Abu Dhabi company has ordered one and maybe two CS300s as corporate aircraft.

An Abu Dhabi company has ordered one and maybe two CS300s as corporate aircraft.

In passenger configuration, that CSeries would hold up to 160 people but Falcon has other plans.

“The superb versatility of the CSeries aircraft will allow us to offer a unique aircraft configuration on our CS300 aircraft, specifically catering to business, corporate and elite travelers in the Middle East and connecting to North Africa, Europe and the Far East,” said Captain Mahmoud Ismael, Chief Operating Officer, Falcon Aviation Services. “We selected the CSeries aircraft because of its excellent range, exceptional economics and its outstanding cabin. All these factors, along with the strength of the Bombardier brand, position the CS300 aircraft exceedingly well for our business development plans versus its competition.”

That brings firm orders for the efficient, quiet airliner to a little more than 200 and potential orders to more than 400, which will put the program on firm financial footing.

Bombardier also announced that it has FAA approval to fly its first Learjet 85 prototype. Like the CSeries, the Learjet 85 has been plagued with delays. Both aircraft incorporate considerable new technology and are mostly made of composites.