Phil Pozer

Flight Date:11/09/2015
Flight School: Brantford Flying Club
Flight Instructor: Brad Vien

Comment:A cool bright sunny morning awaited me on the 9th of November and I headed out to Brantford for some ‘work’ in the circuit. There was very little breeze, and I had pretty nice approaches on rwy 23 for a few circuits, and I would say a darn good simulated forced landing on rwy 35. Back into the circuit for one more and another nice landing if just a shade too rough on the nose-gear. Pull off for a full stop and Brad looks over and says ‘so….ready to do this on your own?’ HUGE smile and YES I AM. Drop him off at the FBO and back out for a run up…..Call Golf Bravo Sierra Lima lining up runway two three for one circuit! Nice centerline ground roll and wow…..seems to be climbing like crazy…..76knots and super fast up to circuit altitude…1820ASL. Called downwind and would be number 2 behind a Cherokee? Comanche? He was almost on base. Went through the downwind checks….patted the empty seat beside me, and SMILED. Had a really nice look around. See the low wing on final, and Call turn to base two three number two. End up on a perfect 10 degree flap idle approach…..speed nailed at 65 knots. Fiddle with my feet a little just to know they work LOL. No need…..just look to the end of the runway and hold it off off off…..mains down………..nose down (held it off beautifully) On the brakes and turn off at the first intersection. Call GBSL is down and clear of all runways. Over the radio ‘ Congratulations on your first solo PHIL’ from Brad……followed by many others I guess from guys in the area including a Brit in a helicopter (rather cool). Taxied in and was absolutely vibrating with good vibes and cheer. Thank you to all at Brantford Flying Club, Brad in particular….what a friendly bunch Phil