Mid-Air Collision in Alberta

A rare occurrence in Canadian skies to be sure, but a mid-air collision did take place this week not far from Alberta’s Villeneuve airport (CZVL), and remarkably no one was killed or even injured. At […]

Helicopter Firefighting Fatality

Although wildfire activity across Canada is noticeably lighter this year than in recent years, the risk associated with fighting them remains. Last week a Bell 212 helicopter belonging to Great Slave Helicopters crashed near Fort […]

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‘Flying Car’ Lands in Kelowna
The first Maverick has been imported to Canada by one of the developers of the unique canopy-supported roadable aircraft. Ray Siebring and his wife Julie are among the developers of ...
Snowbirds from Space
With crack military precision and a little help from the unpredictable West Coast weather, the RCAF Snowbirds had their picture taken from 370 km away April 21. International Space Station ...
Fairview Canso Gets Engines
The effort to restore a damaged Canso by a volunteer group in Fairview, AB got a major boost this month from city at the opposite end of the country. The ...

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