A220 Bizjet Unveiled

Airbus has unveiled a luxury business jet version of the A220 called the ACJ TwoTwenty and it’s getting some good reviews largely because of the same attributes that are highly regarded in the airliner.  It’s not as big as the A320 and Boeing 737 platforms that dominate the large business jet business so it can get into more airports but it goes just about as far and is every bit as fast. It’s also at least 25 percent more efficient and only half as noisy as other airliners.

The TwoTwenty has a range of 5,650 nautical miles and can stay airborne for 12 hours. Those inside will have plenty of comforts to coddle them on their long flights. Airbus teamed with Comlux to create a six-zone cabin with crouch-free headroom from windows to aisle. Comlux will outfit the first 15 aircraft with the standard design, which is built to carry 18 people. The aircraft is based on the A220-100, which typically carries about 100 passengers. Bombardier was toying with the creation of a business jet version of the original CSeries aircraft before it sold the program to Airbus.