A380 Flies From New York To Kuwait On Three Engines

Oct/26/13-The Emirates Airbus A380-861, registration A6-EEG, was operating as UAE202 for a planned flight from New York (KJFK) to Dubai (OMDB). While in cruise flight approximately 200 nm ESE of St. John’s, the number 4 engine (Engine Alliance GP7000) flamed out. A PAN PAN was declared and NAT in-flight contingency procedures were carried out to descend on an offset track. Upon reaching the lower altitude the PAN PAN call was cancelled and a new clearance at a lower altitude and speed was negotiated. The crew consulted with the company and decided to divert to Kuwait International Airport (OKBK) on the remaining 3 engines where an uneventful landing took place. Maintenance personnel determined that two engine fuel pumps failed on the number 4 engine.