Air Canada Pilots Call For Pay Equity

The Union representing Air Canada pilots is calling on the airline to put a generous offer on the table following the latest in a series of positive financial reports. The airline made $453 million in the first three months of 2024 and its pilots earn about half as much money as their counterparts at major U.S. airlines. The Air Line Pilots Association and the airline have been in contract negotiations for almost a year and wages are the main issue.“Air Canada pilots fly the same planes, on the same routes, in the same weather (or worse), while carrying the same passengers,” ALPA said. “An inferior contract with half pay is simply not sustainable.”
Union Head F/0 Charlene Huday says up to 70 percent of her members are ready to quit Air Canada for jobs in the U.S. overseas or simply leave the industry if they don’t get pay equity with U.S. pilots. American, United, Delta and Southwest have all given pilots major pay increases in the past couple of years and a relaxation of work visa requirements means Canadian pilots can cross the border to work relatively easily. “Air Canada pilots are unified in their call for a contract that reflects today’s world and will do what is necessary to achieve it,” said Hudy. “Currently, about 500 Air Canada pilots are working with U.S. immigration firms to leave Air Canada, should we not achieve a contract commensurate with other comparable pilot groups