Air Canada Reconsidering Billy Bishop

Air Canada is reconsidering service to Billy Bishop Airport
Air Canada is reconsidering service to Billy Bishop Airport

After fighting tooth and nail for the right to resume service to Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport, Air Canada now says it’s considering leaving.

After a couple of court fights Air Canada Express began service to Billy Bishop, five years after Jazz was evicted by the company that started Porter Airlines.

In a single paragraph in a news release about its December load factors, the airline said it taking a hard look at the Billy Bishop service.

“While Air Canada’s traffic and load factor at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport increased in 2014 over the previous year, as part of its continuing cost transformation initiatives, Air Canada is assessing the viability of Billy Bishop operations based on current imposed terminal rates and terms,” the airline said in the release.

The company that owns Porter continues to be Air Canada Express’s landlord and Air Canada CEO has openly complained about what he considers to be unfair treatment at the facility and the difficulty the airline has had getting more slots. It now operates 15 flights a day.

The release doesn’t say when Air Canada might make a decision on its future at the airport.