Air Georgian Mapping Fatigue

Air Georgian is hoping to get regulatory approval to fit its pilots with monitors that will map their fatigue levels to allow them to better understand their relative fitness to fly. The wearable devices will measure sleep data better than commercially available devices and then applies some sophisticated math to create a visual picture of their fatigue levels on their phones. The technology was developed by Canadian company Fatigue Science. Over time, they can learn how to manage their schedules to avoid dangerous fatigue levels. The airline gets reports from all the devices to give them an overall measurement of fatigue levels among pilots but each specific data stream is anonymous to protect individual privacy.

“The technology behind Fatigue Science is Air Georgian’s key to giving every team member the resources they need to manage fatigue,” said Troy Stephens, Vice President of Flight Operations. “Pilots have long had the ability, fully supported by management, to refuse a flight based on fatigue. This technology has made us aware of fatiguing conditions much earlier in the process in a clear, identifiable way.”