Air Tindi Dash-7 Used In NASA Hybrid Electric Project

Yellowknife-based Air Tindi is supplying one of its Dash-7 airliners for a NASA project to create a hybrid electric airliner for remote operations. The Dash-7 is a four-engine aircraft developed in the 1970s for STOL operations in tight urban airports and unimproved strips across the North. The aircraft will have two PT6 turboprops and two electric motors in what is known as a distributed propulsion system. NASA is spearheading the project as part of its Electrified Powertrain Flight Demonstration project, Air Tindi is supplying the plane, magniX is supplying the electric motors and AeroTEC is putting it all together. The goal is to accelerate hybrid electric airliner development.

“We are incredibly inspired by the partnership forged with magniX, NASA, and AeroTEC on the EPFD project,” said Chris Reynolds, President at Air Tindi. “We currently fly the Dash 7 with passengers and cargo to remote regions in Canada. Many of these communities are exposed to food insecurity due to high energy prices and a lack of infrastructure. We see this partnership as an opportunity to change this dynamic, and positively impact these regions by reducing CO2 emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.”