Air Tindi – DHC-7-103 – Nose Gear Warning

The Air Tindi Ltd de Havilland DHC-7-103, C-FWZV, was operating as flight TIN802 from Diavik, NT (CDK2) to Yellowknife, NT (CYZF). While on final approach to Runway 10 in CYZF the crew selected landing gear down and the nose gear unsafe light remained illuminated. The crew cycled the landing gear but the condition persisted. The crew then declared an emergency and conducted a low approach and requested ATC to visually inspect the gear. ATC told the crew that the gear appeared to be down but could not verify. The crew maneuvered west of the airport to reference the appropriate check list and consult with company operations. The crew then conducted another low approach and company maintenance visually confirmed the gear was down. The aircraft landed safely at CYZF with ARFF in attendance. Subsequent inspection by company maintenance found the nose gear downlock micro switch actuating lever was missing. The micro switch actuating lever was replaced and the aircraft was returned to service. The company has inspected the remainder of its fleet, but have found no other aircraft with this fault.