Amateur-Built XE Helicopter – Crash – Pilot Killed

C-FHEZ, a privately operated amateur-built Mosquito XE helicopter, was on a flight from its home base 4 nm North of Indus/Winters Aire Park, AB (CFY4) to a location approximately 7 nm Southeast of CFY4 with only the pilot on board. During cruise flight, the pilot chose to follow the Highwood River westbound, just East of the Davisbruk bridge on highway 552 where it crosses the Highwood River. Approximately 1800 feet East of the bridge, the helicopter struck an unmarked power line that was strung across the river at approximately 75 feet above ground level.
The helicopter departed controlled flight and impacted the ground on the river bank. The aircraft was destroyed, and the pilot was fatally injured. There was no post impact fire.