Another Overrun At Halifax

Photo by Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press

For the second time in two years an aircraft has gone off the end of the runway at Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport. A WestJet Boeing 737-800, with 172 passengers and seven crew was landing in a snowstorm when it went off the end of Runway 14 shortly after noon last Sunday. The plane ended up in overrun about 50 metres beyond the pavement. There were no injuries and all those on board deplaned on stairs and were bused to the terminal. “There was preliminary information that there was no apparent damage to the aircraft,” board spokesperson Chris Krepski told the CBC. “The maintenance organization for WestJet will take a closer look at the aircraft.”

The CBC said TSB stats show seven runway incidents have occurred at the airport in the last 20 years. The most recent was an Atlas Air Boeing 747 cargo plane that was seriously damaged in a skid almost to the perimeter fence in the fall of 2018. It was scrapped and moved off the field using heavy equipment. Three Transportation Safety Board investigators have been assigned to the most recent mishap and a docket has been opened on the investigations page.