B-29 Fifi Visiting Canada


The Commemorative Air Force has announced an expanded schedule for the first Canadian visit of its B-29 Superfortress. Fifi will spend six weeks in central Canada, stopping at eight airports. It will skip its usual appearance at AirVenture Oshkosh and instead fly to Montreal July 18 and stay until July 22. Then it’s on to Gatineau (July 25-30), Peterborough (Aug. 3-5), North Bay (Aug. 8-12), Kitchener (Aug. 13-15), London (Aug. 17-19), Windsor (Aug. 22-26) and Hamilton (Aug. 22-26).

There will be tours of the aircraft and rides are usually offered for hundreds of dollars. The fee depends on the seat occupied and more details will be available at the venues. Fifi is one of two flying B-29s in the world. Doc, which is owned by a group in Wichita, Kansas, began doing public flights last year and will be attending Oshkosh. Both aircraft were at AirVenture last year and flew in formation several times.