Bar River Hospitality!

We landed unannounced at Bar River and met the folks at Springer Aerospace. They specialize in “Heavy Maintenance” for Twin Otters, Beavers, and other Turbine aircraft. I finally had to give in to the weather! (very tough) But I was running out of time in order to get to Quebec City on Tuesday night for a Wednesday morning business meeting. I decided to tie down the Rebel here for a week or so in order to catch a commercial flight from Sault Ste. Marie to Toronto. I will have to come back and pick up the plane for the final 5 hours!!! Can you imagine the disappointment after about 80 plus hours of flying across the country and back. Jeff Springer was kind enough to drive us back into Sault Ste Marie so I could catch an 8:45 flight , while Tom booked into a hotel to continue in the morning, weather permitting. As we were de-briefing over a beer to part company, I got a text from Air Canada…….my flight to Toronto had been cancelled, because of weather! Go figure!