Bearhawk Aircraft Changes Hands

Bearhawk Patrol

Bearhawk Aircraft has been sold by its founder Mark Goldberg to Virgil Irwin, one of its clients and builders. The missionary pilot plans to base an expanded builder-assist program in Fairview, Oklahoma.

Bearhawk offers five different rugged STOL models specifically designed for the back country. The LSA and Patrol offer tandem, two-seat configurations, the Companion offers 2 + 2 seating, while the Four is, well, a four-place model. The Bearcat Five actually offers seating for six and has a gross weight rating of 3,000 lb. with a useful load of 1,400 lb. All are designed as taildraggers with options for floats or skis.

“We want to reassure customers that all current orders will be honoured, and we will continue to provide you the same great airplanes,” said Irwin. “We look forward to serving the Bearhawk community and earning your trust and support.”

Mark Goldberg established his kit manufacturing facility in Atlixco, a town of 140,000 about 85 km southeast of Mexico City, after taking a liking to the place and its people while travelling the region in his younger days. Goldberg reportedly was adamant that the manufacturing facility in Mexico remain in place.

The original Bearhawk, now named the Bearhawk Four, was designed by Bob Barrows in the late 1990s. There are currently 22 Bearhawks on the Transport Canada registry.