Bearhawk Canada Opens

A Saskatchewan man will head up Bearhawk Canada as the Texas planemaker expands its sales network for the popular bush plane. Mike Silvernagle will use a private air strip in Saskatchewan as headquarters for Bearhawk Canada. The kit built aircraft are proven performers that he says are better at many things than established certified types. “The Bearhawks are much better in many ways, and the benefits of operating in the experimental side of aviation in Canada are favorable when compared to certified aircraft,” he said. “Bearhawk aircraft offer many advantages for Canadian pilots who often use their planes to hunt and fish in the backcountry and visit the numerous rough-field and shorter landing strips.”

Bearhawk offers three models, the Four-Place, the Patrol and an advanced ultralight. Silvernagle has a Four-Place and is now building both the Patrol and AULA models so customers can fly all three at his facility. The aircraft all boast good slow-speed handling but also have higher than expected cruise speeds.