Boeing Responds to CSeries Deal

Airbus has now assimilated the Bombardier CSeries into its product line as the A220 and announced a major order for the aircraft under its new ownership but there are reports that Boeing’s assumption of Embraer’s commercial aircraft division has even more far-reaching goals. The A220 is new territory for Airbus in the airline business and the Embraer E-Series aircraft that Boeing assumed control of represent a market it abandoned a decade ago. So while the Airbus/Bombardier deal essentially keeps the CSeries a Bombardier product, various reports suggest Embraer is about to be helping Boeing with its big jets.

The Puget Sound Business Journal says Embraer will be involved with the development of the replacement for the venerable Boeing 737. It may also be part of the process in building the next mid-sized Boeing. Where that exactly leaves the E-Series aircraft is not clear. The Farnborough Air Show may give some indication of that. Airbus is hinting at major orders for the A220 and Boeing is likely looking for the same from the E-Series.