Bombardier’s Global 7500 Sets More Records

One of the few product lines Bombardier retained after its divesture of various aircraft divisions a few years ago was Global Express series of business jets. One of its latest iterations is the Global 7500 and it continues to set industry records in the speed and range categories.

A recent flight by a Global 7500 from Farnborough, England to Muharraq, Bahrain is currently being certified by the FAI, but it is claimed to be in excess of the previous record the aircraft has held since 2019 for a flight from Sydney, Australia to Detroit, Michigan, a distance of 8,225 nm. That record holds the status as the longest-distance flight in business aviation. Since then, the 7500 has set similar records between city pairs.

“The Global 7500 aircraft is in a class by itself when it comes to performance – an immaculate business jet that was made to set and shatter records,” Jean-Christophe Gallagher, E-VP of Bombardier aircraft sales, said.

The 7500’s top speed is Mach 0.925 and the normal range is 7,700 nm. It boasts lower fuel consumption and emissions together with remarkable short-field performance. It flew from Los Angeles to New York in 3 hours and 45 minutes, sustaining a speed of Mach 0.925 for over two hours. Since its introduction in 2018, more than 150 Global 7500s have been delivered and the fleet has accumulated over 100,000 flying hours.