Brad Hodder

Flight Date: 07/08/2018
Flight School: Moncton Flight College
Flight Instructor: Ryan Esch
Comment: My first solo flight besides being a huge reflection of my characteristics as a pilot before taking the leap into the career itself was something to be desired. On the downwind I was asked to keep it tight and me being the adventurous and one to never turn down a challenge; especially of my own ability took the base leg right over the threshold. Considering that one over-zealous attempt at pilotage of a new endeavour was enough. I refused to attempt a forward slip to at least reduce altitude and salvage a landing. I managed getting the aircraft down to a flare with a few bounces, a missed radio call exiting on the furthest taxi way from the school and leaving flaps down and lights on. All that I chaulked up as a defeat became the moment that changed my life as an aviator.