Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium Formed

A group of private and public sector organizations have formed the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium in Vancouver. At a news conference on Wednesday, the organization was formally launched with the goal to exploit new technologies to create point-to-point air travel networks beginning with Vancouver. “We’ve established an outstanding group of strategic members to support the design, integration, and implementation of Advanced Air Mobility in Canada,” said JR Hammond, Founder and CEO, Canadian Air Mobility andExecutive Director, CAAM. “We look forward to demonstrating the economic viability,environmental benefits and social inclusivity factors of this technology and making Canada aworld leader in AAM. To that end, we welcome additional members who share our vision that AAM provides the path toward a safer, healthier, and more efficient mode of transportation.”

The National Research Council co-founded the organization and private sector partners include Bell Textron, Helijet, and Iskwew Air. The goal is to not just create a more convenient and environmentally-friendly transportation network but to exploit the technology to benefit emergency medical services, fast delivery of time-critical things like organ transplants. Urban and rural areas are expected to benefit while benefiting the environment. “The National Research Council of Canada is proud to be a part of the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) consortium since the start,” said Dr. Ibrahim Yimer, the NRC’s Vice-President of Transportation and Manufacturing. “We look forward to working with our 20 partners who are lending their expertise in the Advanced Air Mobility industry to decarbonize transportation, and create more efficient ways of moving people, goods and services and support more socially connected and integrated communities.”