Canadian Aviator Photo Contest

Thanks for your interest in our Photo Contest


The contest is open to all Canadian Aviator subscribers (either digital or paper versions) when the photo is submitted, and continue to be a subscriber at the time the prizes are awarded.

Photos cannot be altered in any way.

All entries should bear the submitter’s first and last names in the file name, followed by the sequence position.  For example:  JohnSmith.1; JohnSmith.2; etc.  If you are withdrawing a photo in favour of another one, please assign it a new sequence number.

The file should be at least 1 MB in size – larger is preferable, as sometimes we need to crop/enlarge and don’t want to lose resolution in the printing process.

The body of your email must contain your submission (one photo per email) with the photographer’s name, email address, town/city and province, a contact phone number and a short description (3 to 4 sentences) of the photo subject,  setting,  etc.

Limit of 5 (five) entries per person

However, if during the contest you wish to withdraw one image in exchange for another, you may do so.  Please specify the photo to be withdrawn from the contest.

Contest ends December 31, 2020

Winners will be notified within 30 (thirty) days.

The winning photo will be awarded the Garmin VIRB camera; their name and possibly photo will be included in the May-June 2021 issue of Canadian Aviator.

There will be 3 (three) runners-up featured less prominently in the same issue. The runners-up will be awarded a one-year extension to their existing magazine subscription.

Up until the winners are announced, Canadian Aviator may publish any of the submitted photos in the magazine, with the photographer credited.

We reserve the right to use the images in Canadian Aviator publications. However, they will not be released, lent or sold to third parties.

Copyrighted images will be allowed, as long as our use of the photo(s) is permitted in writing.