Canadian MAX Approval ‘Very Soon’

Transport Canada has not cleared the Boeing 737 MAX to fly in its airspace even though U.S. authorities approved it for passenger service last week. Transport Minister Marc Garneau said his department will set its own standards for the MAX’s return. “Our government remains committed to keeping Canadians, the travelling public and the transportation system safe and secure,” Garneau said adding he expected the approval “very soon.” The FAA announced that airlines could start flying the MAX as soon as they have revised software installed in the flight control system and pilots have undergone simulator training.

Canada has said it wants a couple of additional measures taken to ensure the aircraft’s safety including, as an interim measure, a section in the operating manual showing pilots which breaker to pull to stop the stick shaker from operating when it’s clearly reacting to bad sensor data. Ultimately it wants a switch in the cockpit. The European Aviation Safety Agency also wants a commitment from Boeing that a third angle of attack sensor, an electronic one, be installed on the aircraft to provide another layer of redundancy. Faulty AOA sensors triggered a background software protocol called the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System that caused pilots of  Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines MAXes to lose pitch control.