Canadian North Phasing Out 737-200s

Canadian North is phasing out its last remaining Boeing 737-200s and will replace them with ATR42-500s. The 200s have been in service for almost 50 years and were unique among Boeings in that they could be equipped for landing on gravel runways, which are still relatively common in the North. The two that Canadian North operates are pretty much run out. “To extend [their lifetimes] further would require prohibitively expensive capital investments,”  spokesman Andrew Pope told Nunatsiaq News.“Our intention is to instead invest those funds into new aircraft acquisitions to support our entire network, including the Kitikmeot region.”

One of the aircraft will be retired this month and the other will be gone as early as 2022. Both planes are combi versions with a cargo door at the front of the cabin that allows them to be configured for both freight and passengers. In the future, the passenger service will be done with the ATRs and other unspecified aircraft will provide cargo service. The new aircraft will add about 20 minutes to flight times.