CargoLogicAir – Boeing 747-400 – Fuel Filter Issue – Flight Diverted

G-CLBA, a Boeing 747-400 aircraft operated by CargoLogicAir, was conducting flight CLU817 from Houston/George Bush Intercontinental, TX (KIAH) to Frankfurt/Rhein-Main, Germany (EDDF). Shortly after reaching cruising altitude out of KIAH, the flight crew received an ENG 2 FUEL FILT message. The checklist was executed, and the decision to continue to destination was taken. Approximately 630 nm East of Goose Bay, NL (CYYR), the flight crew received an ENG 1 FUEL FILT message. The flight crew decided to land at the nearest suitable airport, in accordance with the checklist. A PAN PAN was declared, and a diversion to CYYR was carried out without further incident.
The aircraft was returned to service following the testing and inspection of the related fuel systems, including the replacement of both number 1 and 2 engine fuel filters.